Importance of preventive maintenance to signs

January 8, 2022 12:15 pm

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Anticipate to save

The routine, planned and regular review of any electrical, electronic, mechanical, hydraulic equipment, etc. It allows to observe in advance any type of situation that harms the same, as well as the operators and the productivity of the company. The intention is to maintain continuous equipment operation and avoid unplanned downtime gaps as a result of unforeseen failures. The record of specialized technical monitoring of parts and pieces control is essential for the correct use and operation of any system.


The benefits of a preventive technical review are multiple. In principle, the loss of productivity is avoided, as well as the over-costs that derive from it. Sometimes, the return to operations is accelerated. Repair or replacement requirements for parts and pieces are forecast in advance. In many cases, preventive maintenance only involves cleaning parts, lubricating, conducting a general or partial inspection, requiring various adjustments or making minor repairs. All this is detailed in a technical report that records and files it for the corresponding follow-up that allows the anticipation of errors or failures.


Loss of productivity due to equipment downtime is eliminated. The possibility of cost overruns from unplanned repairs is eliminated. The useful life of each part is known promptly and its frequency of replacement can be predicted. Advance diagnosis of the equipment’s operability is achieved. Significant savings in operating costs and productivity due to the anticipation of equipment errors. The prolongation of the useful life of the equipment is ensured. Avoid unnecessary maintenance costs. Equipment reliability is improved. All unexpected failures are avoided. You save time and money

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