We work with high quality standards, using certified materials and supplies from national and international suppliers.

We are characterized by a high flexibility and adaptability to be able to offer each of our customers the best alternatives with quality and innovation.

  • Black painted aluminum restobar sign, illuminated with amber LEDs
  • Maintenance of LED lights on the main sign, yellow color
  • Maintenance of gold aluminum letters and gutters
  • Maintenance of corporate logos with LED spotlights
  • Restobar Sign
Frontage LED Illumination Project


  • Bar module, made of wood lined with aluminum decorated with RGB LED tape, conjugated with matt silver granites.
  • Stage with openwork aluminum finish illuminated in RGB LED sequence, with acrylic frames in LED lighting.
  • Facade in die-cut (perforated) silver aluminum with LED lighting.
  • Structure lined with matt natural aluminum sheet.
  • Cash module
  • Bar module
  • Die-cut aluminum ceiling with LED lighting
Frontage LED Illumination Project

Mega Gaming

  • Sign maintenance regarding the LED lighting system (metallic material).
  • Maintenance with gold aluminum edges with illumination concave LED spotlights in sequence.
  • Maintenance of decorative element with LED halo
  • Maintenance of letters with spotlights and LED halo
  • Progressive with aluminum finish with red color
Frontage LED Illumination Project

New York

  • Opal acrylic sign with colored vinyl application with sequential LED spotlight system with low relief faces with RGB LED lighting.
  • Double-sided matt aluminum totem painted blue with RGB lighting system.
  • Sandblasted vinyl with design for main entrance glass partitions.
  • Illuminated totem with display
  • Luminous totem and sign
  • Sandblasted vinyl for partition
Frontage LED Illumination Project

Pachanga Dreams

  • Sign with smart LED and sequence lighting system
  • Decorative openwork in composite lighting, internment lit with LED ribbons
  • Led screen
  • Ceiling with LED lighting
  • Openwork decoration with smart lighting
Frontage LED Illumination Project


  • LED display in pixel focus.
  • Columns with intelligent LED lighting system.
  • Letters with spotlights and LED halo
  • Screen with LED Pixel
Frontage LED Illumination Project

Slot Fiesta

  • Central acrylic-based sign with colored vinyl application, according to design with gold border. With Aluminum LED spotlights in sequence.
  • Canopy with printed canvas surface, golden aluminum frame with colored vinyl application according to design, lighting by reflectors.
  • Game room sign, golden aluminum letters with halo light effect, by means of red LED tape.
  • Marquee
  • Sign
  • Columns
Frontage LED Illumination Project